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Think like a customer

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Listen, Live, Learn.

Think like a  customer

Customer Experience Marketing

Customer Experience strategies for customer loyalty

With big thinkers like Forbes claiming Customer Experience (CX) to be ‘the new brand’ it’s no longer an option to overlook or diminish the significance of creating experiences that support customer satisfaction, growth and retention.

Here at Fresh Nous we inspire organisations to create customer-centric cultures, radically change and re-imagine their customer journeys. Our approach is customer insight driven and responsive to the voice of your customer.

Customer Experience strategists and Experience Designers

Customer experience has an immeasurable impact on businesses, no matter what industry you are in or what service you provide, the only way to deliver great customer experience is through truly understanding your audience.

We work with you to create an effortless end-to-end experience which helps you excel in relation to customer expectations and is designed to increase customer loyalty, drive advocacy and boost sales.

As businesses of all sizes continue to invest in customer experience initiatives, the Fresh Nous team will keep you ahead of the pack, bringing together our skills from across marketing and customer service disciplines to make you remarkable for your customers.

It can seem hard to make things simple – but simplicity is so often what your customers need most.

By refocusing your marketing strategy around meeting the basic needs of your customers and broader audience, you will be able to seize competitive advantage and build enduring relationships with the customers you want to attract.

What is A/B Testing?

We help you discover the importance of A/B testing and find out how it can delivers customer acquisition, retention and revenue for your business.

Customer Journey Mapping Fresh Nous

Customer Journey Mapping

It’s cards on the table time – we take you and your team through the process of mapping out the journey of your customers. We don’t need to know about your internal processes or how you got to the decisions to manage your customers as you do, we simply ask that you walk us through every touchpoint and interaction with your customers.

This, straightforward sounding, exercise often delivers magic ‘a-ha’ moments for both us and you. It uncovers the truth of how you treat your customers, what they ask for and how you respond.

We look at all the customer communications, challenge you about whether they are fit for purpose (fit for customers!) and where the all important ‘moments of truth’ lie.

Bringing Customer Experience to life

urning to insight you hold, such as website analytics, customer testimonials, complaints or loss data, to name a few, we analyse the customer satisfaction of your customers as they pass through their interactions with your brand. We reveal where there are untapped opportunities and also where your challenges exist.

Then we turn this into a visual representation of your customer journeys, a working document and blueprint for how you want to interact with, and manage, your customers.

It’s the beginning of your customer experience revolution and one of the favourite parts of our job!

  • Customer communication review
  • Unearthing moments of truth
  • Bringing insight to life
  • Developing

A/B Testing

Whilst we love insight and analysis we also know that the old adage  ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ rings true. That’s why, once we’ve worked with you to scope out and create your journeys and marketing activity, there will need to be a period of testing and refinement. This part of the process is crucial for sense checking the decisions made and ensuring that the activities, processes and communications we’ve created are received positively for your customers, and that they are delivering against your objectives.

Test and learn – it’s the only way

We usually suggest starting with some straightforward A/B testing.

The right words can build relationships develop trust and create growth. Businesses that find and use those words, thrive.

We pride ourselves on writing copy that engages your customers and embeds the positive relationships you seek to develop with them. Great copy tells a story and takes a grabs the attention of the reader, driving them to find out more.

Customer Journey - AB Testing

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